About Us

E-Muscle became a reality in January 2003 when my husband Brian and I took everything we had in the world and purchased our original location in Middlefield, CT. We crossed our fingers, said some prayers and began the journey of a lifetime.

Brian was the driving force of E-Muscle, he personally managed every project. Brian understood the importance face to face communication with each client to establish a clear and complete understanding of the project’s scope, budget, timetable, and special requirements. Whether an automobile was to be restored to original manufacturer’s specifications or undergo extensive custom modifications, no job started until our client was completely satisfied with the design plan. Brian’s dream of providing high quality, detail-oriented restoration and repair services to antique, classic, muscle and collector car enthusiasts throughout United States became E-Muscle.

Sadly, in June of 2011, Brian was diagnosed with Cancer, he lost his brave battle in November of 2012. I was left with a very important decision, should I keep the business or sell it? How could I fill his shoes? He was hands on and had so much knowledge. As a car enthusiast myself, and loving the automotive industry, I decided to keep it and continue to hold on to Brian’s dream as well as make it my own. Thankfully the amazing team of E-Muscle stood beside me and dedicated themselves to keeping this dream alive, to continue to provide the best team of experts available for small updates or intricate design projects. Our team continues to provide the high quality attention to detail restoration services that Brian demanded.

I am personally involved with every client and monitor every step of their project because nothing leaves my shop without my stamp of approval.
E-Muscle continues to grow and is now part owner of a 50,000 square foot facility in Portland, CT where we built the new “State of the Art” E-Muscle headquarters. We now offer “in-house” services including the new “Dustless Blasting” system which is the only one of its kind in our area. We are also in the final phases to opening the “E-Muscle Store”.

In these times of struggle and hardship we hold our values close, we live the best life we can with respect and honor in our actions. Brian always knew that a handshake and his word was what set you apart from the rest.
The hand-picked team of E-Muscle follows this way of doing business every time they accept a new client.
I am now sharing the dream with my son Bryan. Of course my hope is that he will take over someday but if he chooses a different path I will support his dream and help make it a reality for him.
Our motto is “From Dream to Reality”….let us help your dreams become reality for you!